15 octombrie 2005

Am promis ca am sa pun meniul de la “Costi’s Famous Fish Café” – restaurantul unde lucrez, in jurnalul meu. E cam mult de scris daca il prezint pe tot, deci o sa fac o selectie a meniului:

– Battered Fish Meal (fried basa fillet, boneless, chips, caper&dill aioli sauce, lemon, salad)
– Crumbed Barramundi Meal (crumbed barramundi fillet, boneless, chips, caper&dill aioli sauce, lemon, salad)
– Grilled Barramundi Meal (grilled barramundi fillet crusted whith herbs and garlic, chips, caper&dill aioli sauce, lemon, salad)
– Seafood Risotto (prawns, scallops, mussels, basa fillet, risotto, parmesan, herbs, tomato&crusty sour dough)
– Chilli and Garlic Prawns (skewered prawns X 6, cucumber, capsicum, red onion, shallot salad, mild chilli butter)
– Barbeque Octopus (bbq octopus, capsicum, cucumber, red onion, shallot, thai herbs, sweet chilli dressing)
– Grilled Swordfish (grilled swordfish fillet, boneless, capsicum, cucumber, red onion, shallot, thai herbs, sweet chilli dresing)
– Teriyaki Salmon (salmon fillet, teriyaki(soy&honey), ghai lim, bok choy, shallot, chinese cabbage, ginger and garlic)
– Grilled Tuna (grilled tuna fillet, green beans, kiffler potato, olives, cherry potato, red onion, boiled egg ¼’s, olive and tomato salsa)
– Lobster mornay (lobster ½, bluechesse, pecerino (rich parmesan), parmesan and mornay sauce, salad)
– Oysters Kilpatric (bacon, worstershire, tomato, tobasco, pepper – grilled on Pacific Oysters)
– Oysters Mornay (pecerino, parmesan & mornay sauce – grilled on Pacific Oysters)
– Oysters Asian Steamed (ginger, garlic & chinese rice wine – steamed on Pacific Oysters)
– Salt and Pepper Squid (Szechuan pepper, chilli, salt, star anise & flour, squid –dusted&fried, served with fries, lemon and spiced aioli)
– Crumbed Calamari (squid rings, lemon, chips, caper&dill aioli)
– Chilli Salmon Cakes (potato based caked, salmon fillet, herbs, onion, lightly crumbed, fried, served with chips & citrus aioli)
– King Prawn Cutlets (lightly crumbed king prawn)
– Cajun Fish Burger (basa fillet-boneless, cajun (herbs, chilli, cayenne pepper), olive oil, tomato salsa, lettuce on Turkish bread)
– Tandoori Fish Burger (basa fillet-boneless, tandoori (Indian style-mild paste), mint&cucumber yogurt, lettuce, Turkish bread)
– Barra Sandwich (barramundi fillet, herb&garlic crust, grilled, toasted sour dough, garlic aioli)
– King Prawn Burger (king prawns, grilled, garlic aioli, lettuce, Turkish bread)
– Seafood Salad (prawns, mussels, basa fillet, squid, cherry tomato, avocado, herbs, spiced aioli)
– Tuna Nicoise Salad (green beans, olives, boiled egg ¼’s, potato, red onion, cherry tomato, tuna fillet, olive oil, lemon dressing)
– Hot Smoked Salmon Salad ( hot smoked salmon, penne pasta, fennel, lime aioli, spinach leaves, mesclun, red onion)
– Prawn and Avocado Salad (baby prawns, cherry tomato, avocado, garlic aioli)
– Crab Sandwich (blue swimmer crab meat, cucumber, garlic aioli, white bread)
– King Prawn baguette (prawns, avocado, mesclun, garlic aioli, lemon, white bread)
– Smoked Salmon Wrap (flour tortilla, smoked salmon, red onion, capers, sour cream, mesclun)

Le-am incercat pe toate in afara de scoici, nu prea ma imbie aspectul “mucilaginos” al continutului acestora. Cand o sa am curaj o sa gust si o scoica d’asta, ca sa pot spune ca am gustat/mancat din toata mancarea de aici…

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